How can I co-parent with a difficult ex?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Divorce |

While there is plenty of evidence that shows an effective co-parenting situation is positive for children whose parents divorce, it is also well known that this can be difficult for parents to maintain. If you have gone through a divorce in Nebraska with a difficult ex-spouse, you may be struggling with how to maintain that relationship in a healthy way where your children are concerned. According to Divorce Magazine, it is vital that you and your spouse present a united front where your children. 

Granted, if your ex-spouse is a very difficult person or your relationship ended on an extremely negative note, this is difficult to do. One of the best tips is to ensure that all of your communication with your difficult ex-spouse takes place in writing. Essentially, stay off the phone. Try to make all communications through email or text so that there is a clear paper trail in the event that you decide you need to go back to court to get full custody of your children. 

Adopting a businesslike attitude toward your relationship with your ex-spouse is also helpful. If you can view them more as a co-worker you dislike, you may find that any emotional issues are easier to manage. Make sure that all of your communications revolve solely around the children. Do not speak of any other issues regarding your past relationship. 

For your own sake, it is advisable to go to therapy or otherwise have a robust support system. Letting the past go may be difficult, but it is important to make amends as well as you can and focus on your children’s future.