Is there a right way to tell your child about divorce?

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As parents in Nebraska, you always want what is best for your child. Unfortunately, your child’s best interest are inherently at odds with a divorce. But if you have decided it is the best option for your family, you must proceed regardless.

The question then becomes: how do you tell your kid? Is there a right way to break the news of a divorce? Is there anything you can do to limit the stress and fear they will feel?

Factors to consider when dropping the news

Psychology Today focuses on dropping news of your divorce to your child. They start by pointing out that many different factors alter how a potential conversation will go. Some of them include your child’s age, temperament and maturity level. Other factors include mood and emotion. You should always choose to have a conversation when everyone is in a relatively stable, decent mood.

As for the tips and information you get from second-hand sources, make sure to tailor it to your child. Do they respond better to copious reassurance? Throw those into your discussion. Do they respond better to a straightforward statement of facts? Try sticking to them.

Working together with your co-parent

There are some things that work well for almost any situation, though. For one, present a unified front with your co-parent. Always run through your discussions before you involve your child. Know what to say and what not to say. This can remove some of the fear of the unknown. Next, be upfront with your information – as much as you can. This means letting your child know about the divorce as soon as possible. It also means sharing information about custody and visitation schedules.

Keeping your child involved and talking to them in a way they respond to well can get you far.