How can the stress of a divorce impact teens?

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While you and your ex-spouse deal with a divorce, your children may be dealing with a struggle of his or her own.

A child’s emotions during this time of change can feel overwhelming, so knowing what some common signs of stress in teens and children are can help you prevent worse problems.

Change in habits

According to Psychology Today, some signs of anxiety can be hard to recognize in teens. However, one common one is a change in eating or sleeping habits.

Your teen may struggle to keep his or her grades up, or may even start failing tests or projects. He or she may stay up longer or eat more or less than usual, or in severe scenarios, skip meals entirely.

Increased irritability

If your child has started to act out or seems increasingly withdrawn, it could be a sign of stress. A lack of focus or a shorter attention span can also accompany this change in attitude.

Due to all the pressures of a changing family structure, teens may start to feel unmotivated at school or at home. This can manifest as increased arguments and greater occurrences of defiance and fighting.

Excess anxiety

Lifestyle and family changes can make even the most balanced teens start to feel the pressure after a while. If you notice an increase in anxiety-related behaviors, such as negative thoughts and difficulties with maintaining friendships with other people, it could be a sign of worry and stress.

Divorce is never a simple process, but with some support and proper outlets, your teen can grow and adapt to his or her new family structure.