4 things you should include in your divorce settlement

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A divorce is a challenging process that can take a toll on your emotional, physical and financial well-being. However, filing a divorce settlement agreement is crucial.

A divorce settlement details the agreement between you and your ex. Unfortunately, while discussing vital issues with your ex, it can be easy to get carried away by the moment. As a result, you might forget to include essential details in your settlement. Below are some things you should include in your divorce settlement:

Life insurance

In most cases, life insurance is revised or terminated in case of a divorce. If one party pays for child support or alimony, the divorce settlement should include a provision where the paying partner will preserve their life insurance enough to settle their obligation. 

Retirement accounts

During property division in the divorce process, most people forget to specify who will inherit their retirement accounts. This can result in conflict if one partner dies and the ex remains the beneficiary. In addition, most retirement accounts, such as pension and 401k, require a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to authorize their division. For this reason, consider including a provision for the person filling the order and responsible for the preparation fee.

Division of household items

In most divorce cases, couples argue about who will get the household items they shared in the course of their marriage. To avoid disputes over household items, specify who gets what. This is especially important if you have family heirlooms. 

Shared pets

While most divorcing couples remember to include child custody in the divorce settlement, you should also think about pet custody. Ensure you decide what will happen to your pets, and specify who will care for them. 

Divorce can be emotionally draining, but doing everything right can make things easier. Unfortunately, forgetting to address important issues in your settlement agreement may bring problems down the road.