Arrested For Drug Distribution?


You are traveling on Interstate 80 in Nebraska, and suddenly you see the red and blue lights of a police cruiser flashing in your rear view mirror. You were probably told that you were pulled over for some minor traffic violation. At some point during the traffic stop, the cop starts asking questions about whether or not there are drugs in your vehicle. Eventually the cop asks for your consent to search your vehicle. Or maybe you were told that the cop could smell marijuana on you or in your car. Ultimately, your car was searched, drugs were found, and you were arrested.

This is where we come in. Our marijuana and drug defense lawyer will meticulously investigate your case to see if your constitutional rights were violated by the police. If your rights were violated, we will do everything we can to “right the wrong.” In cases where we were able to show the judge that our client’s rights were violated, we have been able to get the evidence (drugs) suppressed and charges dismissed.

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