Baby boomers still ranking high for divorce

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Statistics and studies intrigue many people who like to see where they rate compared to others in the country. Statistics regarding marriage seem to be particularly fascinating to many. Annual reports of divorce rates have offered a sense of optimism or dread among those considering marriage. While the raw numbers may seem shocking to some in Nebraska, a careful analysis may reveal few surprises.

The latest data compiled by the Pew Research Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau shows that baby boomers, who are now between the ages of 50 and 70, are divorcing at an alarming rate. In fact, older couples are divorcing twice as frequently as they did 20 years ago. For every 1,000 baby boomers who married in 2015, 10 divorced. Divorce for couples over 50 has even gained its own name: gray divorce.

However, when baby boomers were young adults, they often rated high among divorce statistics. Those baby boomers have since remarried, some of them multiple times, and studies show that with each subsequent marriage, the chance of divorce rises. Therefore, it may not be much of a surprise to see divorce rates continuing to rise within that generation. On the other hand, the future is looking brighter for couples aged 25 to 39 whose divorce rates are dropping, probably because they are waiting longer to get married.

No matter what age a couple is when they decide to divorce, it is likely an emotional and anxious time. Every Nebraska couple has unique concerns, including property division, child custody and retirement. Having an attorney to provide effective representation will ensure one’s best interests will be protected.

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