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September 2017 Archives

Children benefit from shared child custody, study says

Divorce is a complicated matter for most families, both legally and emotionally. Nebraska parents often express serious concern about their children's well-being during the process. A recent study indicates that parents can use 50/50 child custody arrangements to help support their children during divorce and after.

Woman faces drunk driving charges after fatal accident

The death of a child is a tragedy beyond words. To lose a child in an accident is a devastation from which many families do not recover. However, to be the one held responsible for the accident that resulted in the child's death may be just as unbearable. One woman is facing drunk driving charges along with the knowledge that the Nebraska accident that occurred while she was behind the wheel resulted in the death of a 6-year-old girl.

Men face drug charges after traffic stop and search

When police pull over a driver for a routine traffic stop, the officers usually cannot conduct a search of the vehicle or its occupants without a warrant or probable cause. Often, probable cause is a subjective matter, and the officer may use his or her own observations to prove there was a good reason to instigate a search. Recently, two out-of-state men were arrested on drug charges by Nebraska police following a search of their vehicle.

Criminal defense strategies following street fight

When a crowd becomes disorderly, chaos may ensue, and those involved may react in unpredictable ways. At times, it may be difficult to determine when someone is acting or merely reacting to the situation. The motives behind someone's behaviors may be considered as part of a criminal defense strategy if the incident leads to an arrest. One Omaha woman was recently arrested during a melee that has some questioning the actions of a police officer.

Protecting self financially critical during divorce

Money matters can easily plague a marriage, and likewise, they can plague the dissolution of a marriage in Nebraska. Unfortunately, divorcing couples may have trouble reconciling their differences in opinion regarding how to handle their money and other valuable marital assets. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce to protect themselves from a financial standpoint.

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