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May 2017 Archives

Children of divorce fear confrontation at graduation

Children are often caught in the middle of a divorce, especially if the breakup is highly contentious. However, even in a relatively civil divorce, a child may feel like the center of conflict. Parents in Nebraska may disagree over child support issues, custody decisions and visitation schedules, creating situations where children may feel like pawns.

Many admit to drunk driving for various reasons

Few people in Nebraska will doubt that a lot has changed in the way society views and deals with people who drive after drinking alcohol. Despite the millions of dollars spent on educational programs and public awareness campaigns, drunk driving is still a problem that law enforcement deals with regularly. A recent study reveals some interesting facts about the state of drunk driving prevention and the drivers most likely to risk getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Criminal defense for child may hinge on understanding of rights

Parents may find themselves struggling over the finer points of raising children. After all, disciplining appropriately is a delicate balance, and going too far may have psychological repercussions. However, it is not often one hears of an 8-year-old whose parents are focused on seeking a criminal defense strategy for their child. Nevertheless, following a tragic incident in his backyard, one Nebraska child finds himself at the center of a strange legal battle.

YouTube parents lose child custody after videos go viral

YouTube fans and opponents in Nebraska and across the country formed varying opinions of a man and woman who posted videos of so-called pranks on their five children. Two of the children, who are not the biological children of the woman, seemed to receive the worst of the pranks. The videos often included the parents screaming and swearing at their children, accusing them of doing things they did not do and breaking their toys. Those parents are now facing child custody issues.

5 things to consider when making a child custody arrangement

Your marriage lasted for a decade, but you've decided it's finally time to part. You have three kids, and you and your spouse both agree that you want to focus on them during the divorce. You're not on great terms, but you're willing to work together and help make things go as smoothly as possible.

Drug charges against high school student shock Nebraska town

Many people may not think of a rural town in Nebraska when they think of drug crime. However, it seems that criminal activity involving the distribution of drugs is infiltrating even the most iconic areas of the country. Nevertheless, when a small-town high school student faces drug charges, it is understandable that families and law enforcement would be concerned.

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