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3 men face drug charges after search of Missouri residence

Police often suspect people of a crime. If they only have suspicions and no real evidence to support them, there is often little they can do as a result of protections provided by the United States Constitution preventing unreasonable searches and seizures. Despite these protections, police in Nebraska reportedly conducted a search of a Missouri residence, resulting in drug charges, among others, against three young men.

Train strikes car; Nebraska man arrested for drunk driving

When driving at night, it might be easy to make a wrong turn. Because of the reduced visibility, all drivers have likely found themselves taking a turn too early or too late. Unfortunately, police in Nebraska believe that a driver's car was struck by a train not because of a simple driver error but because he was drunk driving.

3 Nebraska teens face drug charges due to social media post

Social media has changed how many people live their lives and how businesses advertise. Despite the uses of these communication tools, some people argue that overuse may be detrimental. In fact, police in Nebraska claim that a teenager attempted to sell drugs over social media. Three people now face drug charges as a result. 

Drunk driving charge follows Nebraska car accident

Anyone who has driven knows how easy it is to exit the lane in which he or she is driving. Often something as simple as a slight curve in the road can cause such an event. However, a man in Nebraska now faces allegations of drunk driving after an incident between two cars sent a woman to the hospital.

Nebraska traffic stop leads to drug charges

If asked, every single person in Nebraska and across the country would likely admit to understanding the importance of certain traffic laws, such as stopping at a stop sign or obeying the speed limit. However, most people would also admit that they have, at some time in their lives, rolled through a stop sign or driven slightly faster than legally allowed. Despite not following traffic laws, these acts are not typically events that lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, such was not the case of a traffic stop that recently led to the arrest of four people on drug charges.

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