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December 2017 Archives

Drunk driving at center of law enforcement experiment

The average Nebraska driver is aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. However, this same driver often does not realize when he or she has crossed the line and should not get behind the wheel of a car. For some, one drink is too much; others may be able to drink more. Regardless, if one is arrested for drunk driving, he or she will need to present a defense for the charges.

Mailed meth leads to drug charges for Nebraska woman

Police claim that a Nebraska woman utilized the U.S. Postal Service to receive shipments of illegal substances. She was arrested and faces drug charges for possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance as well as possessing drug paraphernalia. The woman is currently still in police custody in lieu of $500,000 bond.

Courts handle holiday child custody and visitation orders

Nebraska, like other states, tries to encourage the inclusion of child custody and visitation provisions into the written property division and separation agreements or stipulations that are used to resolve a contested divorce. That practice helps to formalize the agreements that the parties have negotiated regarding their minor children. These provisions, in addition to stating the nature of the child custody arrangement, will also preferably include specific provisions about visitations, including visitation schedules for the major holiday periods during the year.

Divorce can be more costly as couples age

The financial implications of ending a marriage are understandably serious, but this should not stop Nebraska couples from seeking this option when necessary. With careful planning, most people can secure their financial stability after a divorce. However, one group of individuals might struggle with money post-divorce more than others.

Hidden assets in a divorce could lead to unfair asset division

Most people have heard horror stories about an incredibly unbalanced outcome to divorce proceedings. People often worry, as a result of these urban legends about judicial unfairness, that they could lose everything in a divorce. In reality, that kind of outcome is incredibly rare and is typically grounded in legitimate legal reasons.

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