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How common are teen drunk driving crashes?

When a teenager begins to drive, it signifies a new era of independence in their life. They no longer need someone to drive them around -- they can get themselves to school, to work and to hang out with their friends. During the summer months especially, more teens in Nebraska are out and about on the streets as school is out and they are either entertaining themselves or running errands for family members.

How millennials are changing marriage and divorce

More and more "millennials" are cohabiting before getting married to one another. In fact, cohabitation among millennials has gone up six-fold from the previous generation, contributing to a decline marriage and divorce rates. Living together has become the path to getting married, and many couples in Nebraska and across the nation are even buying houses together, demonstrating the economic stability they are seeking before marriage.

What are the penalties for refusing a breath test in Nebraska?

It's a common sight for Omaha residents as they drive down highways and local streets -- a driver pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. When police officers approach a detained vehicle, they typically check for signs of impairment and in doing so, may ask the driver to take a breath test to determine the driver's blood alcohol concentration. The question that arises, then, is if drivers must submit to the test and what happens if they do not?

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