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Chemical testing during DUI stops in Nebraska

Getting pulled over for impaired driving in Nebraska can be a terrifying experience. People often wonder about their rights during such an interaction, especially since field sobriety tests can often be somewhat subjective. After all, anything from anxiety to pre-existing medical conditions could make someone appear impaired when they are not actually.

Fatal Nebraska crash results in criminal charges, plea deal

When a person is accused of a crime, there are often many different decisions to make. For many people, one of the most important choices related to criminal charges is whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal, if offered. For example, a man recently chose to accept a plea deal after Nebraska law enforcement officials claim he was intoxicated when he was involved in a fatal accident while driving an all-terrain vehicle.

Nebraska driver crashes into car, charged with drunk driving

When some drivers hear a siren, they have a temporary moment of panic while they attempt to locate the vehicle and take action to get out of the way as necessary. Unfortunately, one woman reportedly struck another vehicle after the driver of an ambulance in Nebraska turned on the vehicle's sirens. She is now charged with drunk driving.

Police officer charged with assault in Nebraska

When facing the news of the unexpected loss of a loved one, a person might react irrationally. This fact -- including that someone may react physically after learning of the death of their partner -- is likely not a surprise to most people. However, a man in Nebraska is now charged with assault on the responders at the scene of the death of his girlfriend.

Pair face drug charges after Nebraska arrest

Pedestrians in Nebraska and other areas of the country likely find a great deal of interesting objects along the road as they walk. While the type of objects found likely vary, they are likely more in line with everyday litter rather than being something that may be illegal. However, reports indicate that one pedestrian claims to have discovered an illegal substance, resulting in drug charges against two people.

3 people arrested in Nebraska homicide

When a crime occurs, there is an understandable need to provide answers to both community members and victims. Often, this desire for answers may force law enforcement officials to make hasty decisions not fully supported by evidence. As such, people facing charges in Nebraska, including allegations that they were involved in a homicide, may need to carefully examine the case against them.

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