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Drunk driving accusations follow Nebraska crash

Any driver in Nebraska is likely aware of the many potential distractions while driving. This is especially true when there are children in the car -- something as simple as handing a child a snack can cause a car to drift over the centerline, causing an accident. Unfortunately, a driver know faces accusations of drunk driving after a recent crash.

How field sobriety tests impact drunk driving arrests

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense in Nebraska. As the consequences for drunk driving are serious and typically involve a loss of driving privileges or even jail time, officers must be certain that an arrest is justified. Rather than relying on gut feelings regarding a driver's level of intoxication, police will use various tests to ascertain a driver's level of intoxication.

Will I lose everything in my divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage can be an extremely emotional experience, and understandably so. However, these emotions can sometimes get in the way of dividing marital property. By better understanding the process, seeking guidance when necessary and remaining vigilant during proceedings, you can make sure that your divorce has the best possible outcome.

Elderly couple face drug charges after traffic stop

Nebraska police say that a traffic stop led to the arrest of an out-of-state elderly couple. The couple were allegedly transporting a large amount of marijuana and concentrated THC. Although they are both facing drug charges, only the husband was arrested and taken to jail. He has since posted bail.

Nebraska penalizes shoplifting as a serious form of theft

Many people may think of shoplifting, also called retail fraud, as a relatively minor crime. Traditionally, a crime committed by young people or teenagers, shoplifting simply doesn't seem as serious to many people when compared with home invasion or armed robbery. The state of Nebraska, however, takes all forms of theft seriously, including shoplifting.

Alimony after divorce will see change under tax reform

The financial stress of ending a marriage is perhaps undeniable, but it can be mitigated. Most couples in Nebraska limit the financial implications of divorce by paying careful attention to asset division and other important processes that could affect their future stability. This includes alimony, which is not an uncommon feature of divorce. However, the way couples view this important aspect of family law could soon be changing.

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