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8 mile chase on gravel roads ends with drunk driving charges

Attempting to evade a traffic stop can be dangerous, and the ensuing police chase could lead to increased suspicion of criminal activity. Many individuals have been arrested under similar circumstances, and have faced additional charges as a result. A 61-year-old man in Nebraska could be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on his defense after he was arrested for drunk driving following an alleged eight mile chase.

Criminal defense options for Nebraska man after ATV police chase

Police pursuits followed by helicopters make riveting television viewing. These incidents frequently take place in bigger cities with higher crime rates. Viewers may watch as a driver leads police along congested highways and into residential neighborhoods, finally abandoning the vehicle to attempt to escape on foot. Meanwhile, television pundits may tabulate the number of crimes committed during the pursuit and speculate about the criminal defense options of the person in flight.

Drug charges follow illegal stop in Nebraska

Law enforcement often depends on someone committing a minor infraction to open the door to searches and seizures, which may, in turn, result in charges for more serious crimes. In Nebraska, the rise in drug addiction has police especially vigilant for opportunities that can lead to drug charges. However, officers must still follow the law.

Alleged drunk driving blamed for fatal accident

DUI charges carry serious penalties if the driver is convicted. Even if the driver is fortunate enough to avoid an accident, he or she may face the loss of driving privileges, not to mention potential fines and jail time. If the offense is not the first for the driver, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction increase. However, the most serious charges may come if the driver is found responsible for an accident while intoxicated.

Making children pawns in child custody issues may cause harm

Following a divorce, some parents may find it easy to be cordial to their former spouses, especially when dealing with issues pertaining to the children. Children are quick to sense hostility between the two people they love most, and some of the hurtful tactics a parent may use to avoid communicating with the co-parent place the children in an uncomfortable position. However, child custody arrangements often require communication, and parents may be causing undue stress and harm to their children by using them as messengers to avoid their ex-spouses.

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