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A parenting agreement can be your go-to guide

Even after your divorce is final and you're ready to put your ex-spouse out of your life, if you have children together, you need to maintain some type of relationship. Neglecting to do so will take a toll on your children, all the while making it more difficult for them to enjoy their childhood.

Woman charged with drunk driving after fatal Nebraska crash

Car accidents can happen in Nebraska for a variety of different of reasons. While some may occur due to a relatively minor driver error, others may occur due to a medical emergency. Often the latter can look like drunk driving. However, it is unclear how police determined that a woman was under the influence prior to her recent arrest.

Report indicates student loan debt contributes to divorce

Romantic comedies and fairy tales would have audiences in Nebraska believe that once a couple walks down the aisle together and says their wedding vows, the couple has made it through the hard part of their relationship and are destined to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, these fictional portrayals are rarely a reflection of reality. Often couples struggle with a variety of issues following their marriage, sometimes resulting in a divorce.

Man accused of drunk driving in Nebraska construction zone

Road construction is necessary to keep the roads in Nebraska and across the country safe. However, anyone who has driven through a construction site likely knows of the confusion that they can create, especially at night. Changes in traffic patterns and additional lights in the area can make them difficult to maneuver. As a result, an accident in such an area is possible. Unfortunately, a man has recently been charged with drunk driving after he was allegedly involved in an accident.

Nebraska man accused of drunk driving following crash

The average person has little to no legal training. While people facing criminal charges may have a basic understanding of the fact that they have certain rights, for example, they may not be fully aware of all their rights or whether unlawful treatment has occurred. As such, those facing criminal charges in Nebraska, including those related to drunk driving, often choose to hire someone to help them respond to the accusations against them.

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