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Nebraska college student faces drug charges

College is often an adventurous time for many people in Nebraska and across the country. Often, young students are allowed independence while they meet new people with diverse backgrounds and learn about new subjects. Unfortunately, one college student is now likely considering his options now that he faces drug charges.

Criminal defense: Nebraska man faces multiple charges

The legal system is often complicated and may seem especially so for those facing criminal charges who have little to no legal training. Unfortunately, a man in Nebraska may now have concerns after he was arrested and charged with several crimes. He may opt to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney for help making the decisions he now faces.

Nebraska drunk driving may be affected by certification issue

Those facing criminal charges are often unsure of where to turn. In some cases, they may believe that the charges against them are inaccurate. A recent discovery in Nebraska may lend some credence to this belief for certain people accused of drunk driving.

Criminal defense: 4 face criminal charges following home invasion

Accusations of a crime can have serious long-term consequences. The decisions that a person makes after being charged with a crime will most likely impact the rest of his or her life. In fact, four people in Nebraska are likely considering their criminal defense after they were recently arrested on charges of robbery.

If you fail a Breathalyzer test, can you challenge it?

If you recently submitted to a Breathalyzer test and failed it, then you almost certainly received a DUI charge. This is a very serious legal issue that may affect your driving privileges and many other areas of your life that depend on your ability to drive legally. You also will likely face significant fines if convicted, so it is vital that you fight the charges with all the resources that you have.

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