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October 2017 Archives

We help simplify complex property division during divorce

Assets, no matter how large or small, can be understandably important to people. Whether focused on a home, business interests or another important asset, divorce can create a significant amount of stress. No one in Nebraska wants to feel as though they are forking over everything they own during asset division, which makes it incredibly important to understand how equitable distribution works.

Police arrest 78-year-old Nebraska woman for drunk driving

An alleged attempted hit-and-run led police to arrest a Nebraska woman. Accused of driving under the influence in addition to other charges, she is currently being held in lieu of $15,000 bond and could face a possible six years behind bars. These types of serious consequences are not uncommon for drunk driving charges that involve causing bodily harm to another person.

Drug charges filed after Nebraska police discover fentanyl

Nebraska police say that they made one of the largest fentanyl drug busts in the United States. They arrested only one person on related drug charges. Although the discovery of the drugs and subsequent arrest were made in Nebraska, police believe that the accused individual was transporting the drugs elsewhere.

Nebraska woman faces 7 criminal charges, including drunk driving

On their own, criminal charges for driving drunk can have serious consequences. These potential consequences can be exacerbated by additional criminal charges, which are not uncommon during drunk driving arrests. A Nebraska woman is currently facing at least seven charges for allegedly causing a fatal accident while under the influence of alcohol.

Blood draws for drunk driving do not need warrant, state says

The Nebraska Supreme Court recently ruled that blood draws taken without warrants can still be used, going against a precedent laid out by the U.S. Supreme Court. Many drivers submit to blood draws only after being threatened with criminal charges for drunk driving. At least one attorney has stated that he plans to ask the nation's highest court to review the Nebraska court's decision.

Nebraska DUI laws – the basics

What goes better with football than beer and barbeque? Not much, when you really think about it. Part of American's pastime is spending the weekends watching professional and college football, firing up the pit and tossing back a few cold ones. Unfortunately, when you get behind the wheel after spending all day tailgating that things can take a turn.

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