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Man focused on criminal defense following Nebraska shooting

Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes, no matter how much two people care for each other, an argument begins and escalates to the point where one person ends up unintentionally hurting the other, either emotionally or physically or both. It seems this may have been what happened recently in Nebraska, where a man faces criminal charges after he allegedly shot his long-time partner, critically injuring her. She is not expected to survive the shooting, and he is now left to consider his criminal defense.

Seniors pursuing divorce at a higher rate than ever before

It used to be that when people thought of a divorcing couple, they automatically pictured young to middle-aged adults. However, the number of seniors or nearly seniors choosing divorce is rapidly rising across the country. Many Nebraska residents may be able to relate to this current trend now dubbed "gray divorce."

"Ace Ventura" imitator faces drunk driving charge

Most Nebraska drivers, from time to time, have experienced a malfunction with one of their car's features and have had to improvise in order to keep driving safely. Sometimes, a driver may not make the best choice under the circumstances, resulting in damage to the driver's car, its occupants or other people or property in their path. Recently, a Nebraska man encountered this type of dilemma when his windshield wipers failed to work, but the incident ended with him being charged with drunk driving.

Holiday time can be difficult during and following divorce

When a couple decides to separate, typically, they need to make many difficult decisions. Parents may find the divorce process particularly challenging, as many of the choices they make will affect the children as well. During the holiday season, many divorcing Nebraska parents will experience additional challenges as they try to keep the season a happy, festive time for their children, while navigating new situations. To help make this time a little easier for everyone, parents can keep a few points in mind.

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