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March 2017 Archives

Nebraska teacher arrested on drug charges

Educators are often aware of the heavy burden placed on them to be role models and to set positive ideals for their students. Because of this, teachers may be held to a higher standard or made an example when accusations of misconduct occur. One Nebraska teacher may be facing serious repercussions in the eyes of public opinion as well as possible penalties in court after drug charges were filed against him.

Child custody case takes an interesting turn

The definition of family seems to have become more elastic as time passes. No longer limited to mother, father and children, families have expanded beyond the traditional biological units. However, this evolution creates challenges for child custody courts in Nebraska and beyond. One out-of-state family demonstrated this in their recent custody battle.

Baby boomers still ranking high for divorce

Statistics and studies intrigue many people who like to see where they rate compared to others in the country. Statistics regarding marriage seem to be particularly fascinating to many. Annual reports of divorce rates have offered a sense of optimism or dread among those considering marriage. While the raw numbers may seem shocking to some in Nebraska, a careful analysis may reveal few surprises.

Are police interrogation tactics encouraging false confessions?

Given the serious consequences that accompany many felony convictions, no defendant would confess to a crime that he or she didn’t commit, right? Yet according to one former homicide detective, false confessions are obtained in far too many criminal cases.

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