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June 2017 Archives

Criminal defense: Many accused of stealing mail

Even with the advances in technology allowing people to direct deposit paychecks, make purchases and pay bills online, many people still rely on the post office to deliver important items. In rural areas, those envelopes may sit vulnerable in mailboxes for hours before the residents retrieve them. Some Nebraska neighbors are concerned following a rash of mail theft, and criminal defense may benefit the man accused of the crime.

Divorce often results when resentment builds

Married couples alone understand the factors that lead to their marriages breaking up. In some cases, if the couple fails to communicate, even the spouses may not fully understand what went wrong. Waiting until minor issues become major problems is one common reason why a couple may end up in a Nebraska divorce court. By that time, resentment between the couple may be too deep to repair.

Women face drug charges after found with pot in car

The alarming increase of drug addiction and overdoses means Nebraska police are vigilant in their duties to enforce laws regarding drug possession. The laws provide varying degrees of punishment, depending on the type and amount of drugs people possess when police arrest or search them. Even a small amount of an illegal substance can result in drug charges, as two local women recently learned.

Man protests child custody situation outside courthouse

Some parents in Nebraska may be grateful for a man in another state who has taken a public stand outside a courthouse in his area. The man is calling for 50/50 child custody laws, saying children need both parents, and parents deserve equal time with their children. The way it stands, not every child custody arrangement includes equal amounts of time with both parents.

What you need to know about identity theft

Identity theft is a problem that the government is taking very seriously. There are several actions that can lead to a person being accused of identity fraud, so it is important to find out how identity theft laws apply to your case if you are dealing with these accusations.

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