Children of divorce fear confrontation at graduation

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Children are often caught in the middle of a divorce, especially if the breakup is highly contentious. However, even in a relatively civil divorce, a child may feel like the center of conflict. Parents in Nebraska may disagree over child support issues, custody decisions and visitation schedules, creating situations where children may feel like pawns.

Special occasions may be especially hard for children of divorced parents. If they remember sensing or overhearing confrontation prior to Christmas, summer vacations or birthday celebrations, they may be dreading the same tension as they approach their high school graduation. This momentous event typically brings families together to celebrate the accomplishment of a child, and families torn by divorce may have a difficult time putting their personal feelings aside for the occasion.

Family therapists recommend that ex-spouses communicate about this and resolve to focus on the child’s graduation instead of their own issues. It may also be important to discuss this with extended family and remind them to hold their negative comments about the ex-spouse. This may be especially difficult if a former spouse has remarried or intends to bring a new love interest to the event.

Maintaining a level of civility for the sake of the child is something many divorced parents must learn after the intense hurt of a divorce. While graduation may signify the end of one phase of life for the child, divorced spouses may still have years of cooperation ahead, especially if their child goes off to college. When Nebraska parents cannot come to agreements on issues that arise following a divorce, they have recourse to dedicated family law attorneys who will guide and support them.

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