Divorce often results when resentment builds

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Married couples alone understand the factors that lead to their marriages breaking up. In some cases, if the couple fails to communicate, even the spouses may not fully understand what went wrong. Waiting until minor issues become major problems is one common reason why a couple may end up in a Nebraska divorce court. By that time, resentment between the couple may be too deep to repair.

Couples who never discuss their problems or graze over them as if they aren’t serious may find those issues piling up until they reach a critical state. The longer spouses ignore problems between them, the harder it may be to work through those problems. Some of those issues include sharing household chores and helping to manage the family schedule. If one spouse feels the other does not fully participate in the family or share responsibility for the children, that spouse may give up on the partnership.

Intimacy – which goes beyond sexual relations — is another factor in a marriage. Building a strong bond with another person takes work, and when one partner no longer makes an effort to connect with the other, that bond may weaken. One spouse may feel unappreciated or misinterpret loving acts offered by the other. In some cases, a spouse may develop an intimate relationship on social media, which can devastate a marriage.

While there are countless factors that may contribute to a couple deciding to divorce, most couples in Nebraska agree that the decision is emotional and often painful. At such a time, one must try to set aside emotions and deal with legal matters, such as property division, child custody and spousal support. The assistance of a compassionate attorney will allow one to focus on his or her family’s needs while having a strong advocate throughout the process.

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