Alleged drunk driving blamed for fatal accident

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DUI charges carry serious penalties if the driver is convicted. Even if the driver is fortunate enough to avoid an accident, he or she may face the loss of driving privileges, not to mention potential fines and jail time. If the offense is not the first for the driver, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction increase. However, the most serious charges may come if the driver is found responsible for an accident while intoxicated.

One 32-year-old Nebraska man is currently in jail following a fiery accident on a local interstate exchange. The man was driving his work van around 1 p.m. when he apparently took an interstate ramp at a high rate of speed and lost control of his vehicle. The van struck the guardrail and rolled over it. The entire van became engulfed in flames.

The driver was ejected from the van and was treated at the hospital for burns on his legs. The 16-year-old front-seat passenger was also treated and released. However, the 58-year-old Nebraska man who rode unrestrained in the cargo area of the van died at the scene. When the driver was released from the hospital, police charged him with motor vehicle homicide and reckless driving. Apparently, he did not have a license to drive.

This man is facing a dire future in light of the potential consequences of the charges against him. In such cases, where the presence of alcohol supposedly factors into a fatal accident, drivers have the right to a strong criminal defense to avoid the devastating penalties of a drunk driving conviction. A dedicated and experienced attorney can provide such representation.

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