Planning may be solid protection in case of divorce

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Couples getting married are often full of jitters, concerned for what might go wrong at the wedding. It may be difficult for engaged couples in Nebraska to consider the possibilities of what may go wrong in the marriage. Divorce is not something newlyweds want to consider, but if it becomes a reality, it is likely to be fraught with emotions. This is why careful preparation is recommended when the couple is feeling positive about their relationship.

Prenuptial agreements can be pretty straightforward. The partners, each receiving individual legal counsel, can agree on the division of assets and even responsibilities within the marriage. However, there are a number of elements that tend to be forgotten when drafting a premarital agreement. For example, the couple can decide that gifts they exchange – including an engagement ring – remain the property of the recipient instead of becoming marital property.

A prenuptial agreement is especially recommended if one partner owns a business since a divorce could potentially place that business in jeopardy if it is included in marital assets. Additionally, a couple can use the contract to deal with any outstanding debts and decide if those debts will remain the obligation of the individuals. While prenuptial agreements cannot include decisions about support or custody of children a couple may have, such a contract may include arrangements for any pets the couple shares or will share.

The joining of two lives into one can be complex, and while many couples may be focused on the romance of it, they may lose track of the fact that there is a certain element of business involved. Tending to that business at the beginning may provide the freedom for the couple to proceed with a clearer understanding of their situation and some practical protection in the unlikely and unfortunate event of a divorce. The advice of a Nebraska family law attorney can prove invaluable to a couple just starting their lives together.

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