Former investigator facing theft and drug charges

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Police charged a former Nebraska State Patrol investigator for his alleged involvement in the theft of a Drug Take Back program. His drug charges include two counts of possessing with the intent of distribution and one count of acquiring drug through fraud or diversion. He has also been charged with theft, for which his arrest was originally made.

The Drug Take Back program was put on by the Nebraska State Patrol, and at the time, the defendant was working with the Drug Enforcement Administration — the DEA. While working with the program, he allegedly kept controlled substances and prescription medications without entering them into evidence. Police claim he concealed the drugs in his home.

The former investigator supposedly took at least 1,800 units of dosage for various drugs. Fentanyl, morphine sulfate and various forms of oxycodone were included in the indictment. It is not clear how authorities were first made aware that some of the drugs were not making their way to the proper place. However, he was originally arrested on theft charges alone, with the other allegations coming after.

Drug charges are no small matter in Nebraska, and many carry severe consequences that can put defendants behind bars for significant periods of time. This is especially true when facing multiple counts or when paired with additional charges, such as theft. Defendants can usually minimize these charges by remaining vigilant during the criminal defense planning process, which often involves carefully reviewing all charges under the careful guidance of an experienced counsel.

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