Mailed meth leads to drug charges for Nebraska woman

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Police claim that a Nebraska woman utilized the U.S. Postal Service to receive shipments of illegal substances. She was arrested and faces drug charges for possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance as well as possessing drug paraphernalia. The woman is currently still in police custody in lieu of $500,000 bond.

It is not clear who first notified state police that the 52-year-old woman was allegedly receiving methamphetamine shipped through the postal service. After they were made aware of the issue, police notified the U.S. Postal Service, which apparently cooperated in the investigation. A postal inspector later picked up a package addressed to the woman, which had been shipped from an out-of-state location. After a positive sniff test by a K-9 dog, police obtained a warrant and opened the package, in which they discovered 115 grams worth of methamphetamine.

The package was apparently resealed and delivered on Nov. 20, 2017, after which the woman took it inside of her home. Police executed another search — this time of her home — and found nearly 8 ounces of methamphetamine and drug-related paraphernalia. She was then arrested and taken to an area jail.

Drug charges are exceptionally serious, and the consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating. Many Nebraska defendants face lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines, and future employment opportunities may be complicated by criminal records. These impacts can usually be minimized through careful criminal defense planning, which usually starts with a thorough review of all charges and evidence. From there, defendants can usually achieve the best possible outcome for their situations by either negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution or fighting the charges to the fullest extent during trial court proceedings.

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