3 people arrested in Nebraska homicide

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When a crime occurs, there is an understandable need to provide answers to both community members and victims. Often, this desire for answers may force law enforcement officials to make hasty decisions not fully supported by evidence. As such, people facing charges in Nebraska, including allegations that they were involved in a homicide, may need to carefully examine the case against them.

Such is likely the case following the recent arrest of three men following a 36-year-old woman’s death. Police say that three men gained entry to the woman’s home on a night in late July. Surveillance footage reportedly shows four people attempting — but failing — to enter the home the night before.

Once inside, the intruders are said to have shot the woman; police do not believe that the shooting was random. The three men, two 25-year-olds and a 26-year-old, were recently arrested though police are not sure who actually pulled the trigger. In addition to the female victim, two other adults — including the victim’s boyfriend — and four children were reportedly in the home. Police claim that the boyfriend hid marijuana and a large amount of cash in a shed before police arrived.

In addition to who pulled the trigger, police are also still investigating a possible motive for the incident. In the meantime, the three people facing criminal charges as a result of the Nebraska homicide are likely wondering about their legal options. Many people feel unprepared to make the decisions associated with criminal charges, often prompting them to hire an experienced professional to advise them.