Criminal defense required for suspect in 2013 murder

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Sometimes, police locate a suspect in a murder case in a matter of days or even hours. Other times, they face more challenging cases, and months or years can pass before a suspect is identified. The latter is true of a Nebraska murder case that happened in 2013 and has remained unsolved. Five years after the incident, a 27-year-old man has been identified through DNA samples and now is focused on his criminal defense for some very serious charges.

In Oct. 2013, the female victim was shot to death in her apartment after two men allegedly broke in. According to police, the initial investigation revealed no helpful evidence. However, DNA samples were collected at the scene, carefully preserved and sent to the State Patrol Crime Lab. Years later, the suspect was sentenced to prison in another state for a drug charge and had DNA samples taken. Because of this sample and the DNA sample taken from the crime scene, police were able to identify the suspect.

Reportedly, the man was interviewed at the Iowa prison in which he is incarcerated for the drug charge, and he supposedly admitted to his involvement in the 2013 murder. The prosecuting attorney in charge of the murder case has emphasized the power of carefully preserved DNA evidence, as well as persistence, in solving crimes. Police are continuing the investigation, as they are still searching for a second masked gunman.

This man now faces very serious charges, including first degree murder and use of a gun to commit a felony. He may have some knowledge of the legal system due to his drug charge and current state of incarceration. However, with these new charges, he is likely feeling uncertain of his best next steps, as would anyone in Nebraska in a similar position. Fortunately, experienced criminal defense lawyers are armed with knowledge of such situations and ready to assist in confronting the formal accusations.