How common are teen drunk driving crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

When a teenager begins to drive, it signifies a new era of independence in their life. They no longer need someone to drive them around — they can get themselves to school, to work and to hang out with their friends. During the summer months especially, more teens in Nebraska are out and about on the streets as school is out and they are either entertaining themselves or running errands for family members.

For this reason, the number of car accidents involving teen drivers also increases in the summer. Identified as a vulnerable group, teens are more likely to become involved in an accident generally and specifically in the summer. When Omaha teens first begin to drive, they are more likely to make mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes they make is getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Not only is it illegal for teens to consume alcohol, it also makes them more prone to getting involved in a crash. Teen drivers lack driving experience and are not able to react as quickly to a changing situation as an older driver would. Alcohol slows down their response time even more, and makes them more likely to take risks on the road, such as driving faster. One in six teens in a crash had tested positive for alcohol in the summer.

Facing criminal charges related to a drunk driving accident is a challenge at any age, but a teenager with the rest of their life in front of them has everything to lose; from their ability to go to college to their ability to remain a free person, everything could be on the line. Discussing one’s options with an experienced attorney can prove to be valuable.