Choosing between your job and your marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Divorce |

There are many difficult decisions that have to be made in life, such as whether it is a good idea to move into another home or a different state, or which school to send your kids to. Those who are married often have to make many sacrifices and sometimes, they have to make difficult decisions between lifestyle choices, interests or their career and their marriage. For example, a spouse may be upset with their husband or wife working in a particular field. Or, they may feel that their spouse works too many hours and does not spend enough time at home.

If your spouse has given you an ultimatum, that they will file for a divorce if you do not quit your job (or reduce the number of hours you work), you may be in a very difficult position. You may have lofty career ambitions, or you may need to work an excessive number of hours for financial reasons. Quitting or reducing your workload could lead to a host of problems, from shattered dreams and lost potential to serious financial problems due to an inability to pay debt or stay current on bills.

This can be a very tough position to find yourself in, and we sympathize with those who are struggling to find a balance between their job and their marriage. Sometimes, it does not work out, and divorce becomes inevitable. If you are anticipating a divorce and you are unable to find middle ground with your spouse, it is imperative to be prepare for the different legal issues that could arise and know which options you have.