Do you know how insurance agents spot fraud?

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Maybe you feel owed a little something for all the years you diligently paid your insurance premiums in Nebraska. Do you feel tempted to commit some type of insurance fraud, even a minor one?

Before you make a decision, either way, know that HowStuffWorks did a rundown of how insurance agents pinpoint fraud. Learn how a seemingly innocent deception can blow up in your face.

A suspect claim history

Maybe you filed a lot of claims or losses in the past and want to file another. You can guarantee that your agent will go through your next claim with a forensics kit for indications of fraudulent activity. In fact, your provider may already be onto you, you just do not know it.

Indications of a fake claim

Insurance agencies have access to a list of “suspicious loss indicators.” For instance, if you act as if you are having the best day of your life after claiming a sizeable loss, that can raise red flags. The same applies to buffing up coverage right before making a claim. Such indicators are not always indicative of undeniable fraud, but they certainly put insurers on high alert.

Potential cooperation in a personal injury scam

It is not unusual for innocent civilians to become unknowingly wrapped up in personal injury scams. For instance, maybe you suffered a legitimate injury and filed a claim with your health insurance provider. You go to a general physician, who sends your insurance carrier a bill for extensive and expensive injuries that you actually do not have. Your doctor may consult a medical specialist, who could also be in on the scheme. Insurance agents take note (and grow suspicious) of medical providers filing several claims for the same treatment plan.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.