Taking a firm stand against financial abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Divorce |

Someone may have a tough time in their marriage for a number of reasons. For example, they may be losing sleep at night because of a partner’s infidelity, or they could even be worried about their safety as a result of domestic violence. However, aside from physical and verbal abuse, it is also important for people to take action if they are subjected to financial abuse. This abuse can be very problematic for many people and it can turn their lives upside down in a lot of ways.

There are various ways in which financial abuse occurs within relationships. For example, someone may work very hard only to have their spouse take control of their wages and misuse the funds in some manner. For example, an abusive partner may steal money from their spouse to fund a drug addiction or a gambling problem. Other examples of financial abuse can be more difficult to detect. For example, someone may secretly take money out of an account or withhold money from their partner for one reason or another, causing them to become trapped.

If you are experiencing financial abuse or wish to end your marriage for some other reason, you should not wait to look at your divorce options. You could be able to restore your financial freedom and improve other aspects of your lives by bringing a toxic marriage to a close. Please go over other pages on our law office’s website if you are interested in reading some more about filing for a divorce and other legal topics related to the process.