Debt and the end of marriage

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From child custody to alimony and emotional hurdles, there are many different topics that require one’s attention during and after the process of getting a divorce. However, there are multiple issues to consider when it comes to debt. For example, it is important for you to understand how debt is distributed during a divorce if you or your spouse have incurred high levels of debt. Moreover, some people find themselves in debt following the end of their marriage for different reasons.

Regrettably, debt often makes it even harder for people to move forward financially following their divorce.

Debt and property division

The Nebraska Legislature reports that marital debt is taken into consideration during the divorce process. Moreover, every couple’s case is unique and reviewed from an individualized point of view and there are various factors that come into play with respect to the division of marital debt during divorce. From the type of debt to your financial situation and the date at which debts were incurred, many different aspects of your case require review.

Debt as a result of divorce

Sometimes, people become buried in debt due to their divorce. Some people take on debt because of legal fees and other divorce-related costs, while others rack up credit card debt due to losing their job, the cost of child care and even poor decisions due to divorce-related stress. If you have or used to have a joint credit card account with your ex and they charged the card excessively out of desperation or even anger, it is vital to look into your options and do your best to manage this matter appropriately.