Dealing with theft charges

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Facing criminal charges is always a serious matter requiring a strong response on the defendant’s part. Some Nebraska residents fail to understand the severity of a theft arrest and often believe it is a minor incident that will not affect them much in the long term.

In truth, a conviction for theft can haunt you in ways you may never have considered. For example, a theft conviction can impact your ability to get a job or find housing. How you respond in the wake of your arrest can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

3 theft defenses that could apply

The first thing to understand is that you must address the charges you face. One of the theft defenses below may lead to an acquittal or minimize the penalties upon conviction if they apply in your case.

  1. Claim of ownership. If you can produce evidence that the property belonged to you, your trip through the justice system may end in your favor.
  2. Return of property. If you made a mistake and you know it, returning the stolen property may lead to leniency or lesser charges. In turn, the penalties you face may be less severe.
  3. Intoxication. If your mental capacity was impacted by alcohol or drugs, prosecutors might have trouble establishing your intent to commit theft. However, you may still face criminal charges (public intoxication, for example) with this defense.

The takeaway here is to avoid giving up. Taking an active role in your defense can improve your odds of obtaining a good outcome. It can also help to learn more about theft charges in the state of Nebraska.