Has your child been caught shoplifting?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

You believe you did a wonderful job raising your child, and you never expected to get a call from the police. However, that call recently came, and they told you that your teen had been caught shoplifting.

You are stunned and you’re unsure how to react. The first thing to do may be to consider why something like this would happen.

Are they shoplifting for the thrill?

It’s true that a lot of shoplifting happens for reasons such as not being able to afford an item that is desired or being in a desperate financial situation. But your child may have plenty of money to buy the small items that they took, so you know that doesn’t really apply to them.

What experts note when they study the psychology of shoplifting is that young people in particular will often do it for the thrill. They think it’s exciting and risky, and they want to see if they can push the boundaries. Your child might have stolen something that they don’t even want or need, and they certainly could have bought it if they did, but they wanted that thrill.

There is also the potential aspect of peer pressure. Your child might have been dared to do this by someone else. They never would have stolen on their own, but they did it because of the pressure of wanting to fit in with the group or prove themselves to those around them.

What legal steps should you take?

Along with considering why this has happened, you need to consider what you can do next. You do have a lot of criminal defense options, and you need to seek the best possible solution for your child’s future.