2 ways a DUI will affect your finances

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) has some obvious costs. For example, the judge may issue you with a fine or order you to pay to attend an alcohol education program.

These alone can put a dent in your budget. Yet you also need to prepare for further expenditure exacerbated by a potential reduction in income. Here is why:

Your insurance premium will rise

Rates in Nebraska rise by an average of 27% after a DUI conviction. That is way below the national average of 65%, yet it still amounts to an average $368 increase.

To drive again, you may need to pay for an ignition interlock

Judges have an option to let people drive again sooner in exchange for fitting an ignition interlock device. That will cost another few hundred dollars.

Some employers might not want you

Let’s say you are a school sports coach. If you can drive the kids to the game, it saves having to pay for a separate driver. With many schools strapped for cash, they may reject your application in favor of someone whose license is intact.

A license suspension also limits what jobs you can apply for. You can take things like traveling sales rep or delivery driver off the list of jobs you can consider. It might also affect your current job. Let’s say you work as a tree surgeon and, up to now, have earned a little extra as the one that drives the truck. You will need to shift into the passenger seat and let your buddy take that bonus money.

The best way to prevent a DUI from hurting your finance is to fight it. Consider legal help to increase your chances of success.