How might divorce affect your business?

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If you own a business, you are right to worry about how a divorce will affect it. While most business owners’ main concern is whether they will have to give some of the company to their spouses, there is more to it than that.

Firstly, running a business takes time and brain power. Those can be in short supply when you are divorcing, and you may not be able to dedicate the time and thought to your business that it needs.

To avoid this affecting your company, consider asking your partners or employees to step up. Secondly, pay someone to do as much of the divorce research and preparation as possible.

Do you have a pre or post-nuptial that protects your business?

These can reduce your worries, but you cannot postdate them. So if you do not already have one, there is nothing you can do to change that.

Assess what, if any, role your spouse played in the company

If you started the business together, you need to consider if you still wish to remain partners or if one buys the other out as part of the divorce process.

For that, you will need to put an accurate price on the company, and it may be best to get an impartial third party to help.

Do you have other business partners?

Let’s say your spouse did not work in the company but believes they are entitled to a share. Maybe you accept that would be fair. Giving part of your share to your spouse will affect your business partners, so you need to get their opinion.

A business that continues to turn a profit will be better for both of you and your kids as it makes more money available than one that deteriorates due to the divorce. Hence sometimes, it is better to keep the business intact and compensate your spouse in another way.

Seek legal help to find out more about dividing property during your divorce.