Will a child’s wishes affect custody in Nebraska?

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Divorcing parents in Nebraska often focus on custody more than other issues. Their primary concern during divorce is preserving the relationship that they have with their children.

Many factors influence custody determinations in Nebraska, including the schedule of parents, their existing relationships with the children and their living arrangements. If a child would prefer to live with one parent rather than the other, will that determine what happens during a Nebraska custody case?

A child’s wishes are one of many important considerations

Nebraska does not have a certain age at which children have a say in custody matters. Instead, their maturity and understanding of the situation determine how much influence their preferences carry. Younger children and those who have emotional challenges may have minimal input in custody cases. Older children can sometimes influence what a judge decides to do.

However, the child’s wishes are not the only consideration. Judges have to look at the big picture and reach a custody arrangement that will be in the best interests of the children. Even if a child has a much closer bond with one parent than the other, a Nebraska family law judge will probably try to keep both parents actively involved with the children.

A parent who currently has a strained relationship with their children can still seek parenting time during custody proceedings regardless of the child’s aversion to staying at their place. The biggest mistake a parent can make is giving up their pursuit of parenting time because they think that the courts will favor their spouse or their child will ask to stay with the other parent.

Learning the basics of Nebraska’s custody laws may help people better navigate the divorce process. It’s a good idea to have experienced legal guidance.