Discussing the custody agreement with your kids

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Child Custody |

If you go through a divorce with kids, you need to hold several conversations with them. Besides informing them about the divorce, you will have another sit-down when you and the other parent create a custody agreement, whether a temporary or permanent one.

Talking with your children about how they will be moving between two homes can be emotional, especially if they are younger. But a few tips can help you:

Be on the same page

You and the other parent should be on the same page before discussing the matter with your kids. Agree on what to say and what to avoid.

If possible, both of you should be present during the conversation. This can maintain a sense of family and unity and, in turn, help your kids not to be anxious or stressed about the custody schedule.

Explain the custody schedule in depth

Your children may be concerned about moving between two homes, but lacking information can intensify their worries. That’s why you need to explain the custody schedule to them in depth. Let them know the days they will be with each parent, how the exchange will be done, how you will handle school drop-offs and pick-ups and so on.

Nonetheless, do not overwhelm them with information. Provide the needed details to allow them to transition smoothly. You will inform them of other changes with time.

Talk about things that won’t change

It’s vital to talk about things that won’t change, including bedtime, after-school activities, family traditions, and so on. Doing this can help your kids relax, as they will have fewer things to worry about.

Speaking to your kids about custody schedules doesn’t have to be challenging. Obtain more information about how to go about it to have a smooth conversation.