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Establishing paternity in Nebraska

Being the biological father of a child in Nebraska is not the same as being the legal father of a child. As the biological father, you contributed to your child's genetic makeup, but when it comes to your child's on-going mental, physical and emotional development,...

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Taking a firm stand against financial abuse

Someone may have a tough time in their marriage for a number of reasons. For example, they may be losing sleep at night because of a partner’s infidelity, or they could even be worried about their safety as a result of domestic violence. However, aside from physical...

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Losing friends due to a divorce

For some people, the divorce process can be particularly hard from a financial and emotional viewpoint. Moreover, some people face unique challenges when they get a divorce, such as those who face social problems after their marriage comes to an end. There are many...

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Is your spouse hiding assets?

If things simply aren’t working out, Nebraskan couples like you may eventually decide that it is time for you to get a divorce. After that, you have other matters to deal with, like determining how you will divide your assets. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest...

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