Tips for communication with your ex about your children

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Divorce is the end of a romantic relationship, but it doesn’t end the need for parents to continue communicating with each other about the children. With the change in relationship dynamics comes a need to set the standard for communication. 

Communicating with your ex isn’t something that’s always going to be easy. It may help you to remember a few points about co-parenting communication

Keep the focus on the children 

The focus of nearly all communication between you and your ex should remain on the children. It may be tempting to take the time to discuss the things that led to the end of the romantic relationship, but you should avoid that temptation. Being able to remain focused on the children can help you and your ex make decisions that are in the children’s best interest.

Remain calm and think logically

There are bound to be times when things between you and your ex get heated, but you should try to remain calm. Take a step back from the situation if possible. This gives you a chance to clear your head and consider the situation from a logical standpoint. Once you come back to discuss the matter with your ex, you may have a better idea of how to handle the situation.

The parenting plan you and your ex create to cover specific points about raising the children can provide you with a foundation for the new way of life. Getting the terms set might not be easy, but having the assistance of someone familiar with these matters is one of the options you have for taking some of the stress out of the situation and determining what options will work best for the circumstances at hand.