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Child custody considerations in Nebraska

Parents in Nebraska often find themselves unhappy in their relationships. Often, they ultimately make the decision that ending their romantic relationship is in the best interest of all parties involved. Often, taking such a step ensures that parents are happier which can lead to a better quality of life for children. However, once that decision is made, there are many more that must follow, especially regarding child custody and support.

Child custody awarded to father in contentious case

In a perfect world, parents would be able to come together to make decisions that are in the best interests of any children involved. However, the birth of a child does not magically give parents the ability to communicate openly with one another in the spirit of compromise. As a result, parents in Nebraska and across the country are often left with no other option than to ask a court to intercede in matters of child custody, among others.

Courts handle holiday child custody and visitation orders

Nebraska, like other states, tries to encourage the inclusion of child custody and visitation provisions into the written property division and separation agreements or stipulations that are used to resolve a contested divorce. That practice helps to formalize the agreements that the parties have negotiated regarding their minor children. These provisions, in addition to stating the nature of the child custody arrangement, will also preferably include specific provisions about visitations, including visitation schedules for the major holiday periods during the year.

You deserve vigorous representation for child custody matters

There is much to consider when filing for divorce, including who will get the marital home, how to ensure a secure financial future and much more. However, for Nebraska parents, there is usually one issue that takes front and center -- child custody. We understand just how important your children are to you, and how a parenting plan can help make sure that their best interests are respected.

Children benefit from shared child custody, study says

Divorce is a complicated matter for most families, both legally and emotionally. Nebraska parents often express serious concern about their children's well-being during the process. A recent study indicates that parents can use 50/50 child custody arrangements to help support their children during divorce and after.

Back-to-school child custody issues for Nebraska parents

The first day of school is often stressful for parents. While trying to keep the morning positive for the children, parents must deal with preparing lunches, making sure everyone is ready while also getting to their own daily appointments. If a Nebraska parent has spent the summer going through a divorce, there may be additional strain in the home on the first day of school, especially if child custody issues are still unresolved.

Making children pawns in child custody issues may cause harm

Following a divorce, some parents may find it easy to be cordial to their former spouses, especially when dealing with issues pertaining to the children. Children are quick to sense hostility between the two people they love most, and some of the hurtful tactics a parent may use to avoid communicating with the co-parent place the children in an uncomfortable position. However, child custody arrangements often require communication, and parents may be causing undue stress and harm to their children by using them as messengers to avoid their ex-spouses.

Man protests child custody situation outside courthouse

Some parents in Nebraska may be grateful for a man in another state who has taken a public stand outside a courthouse in his area. The man is calling for 50/50 child custody laws, saying children need both parents, and parents deserve equal time with their children. The way it stands, not every child custody arrangement includes equal amounts of time with both parents.

YouTube parents lose child custody after videos go viral

YouTube fans and opponents in Nebraska and across the country formed varying opinions of a man and woman who posted videos of so-called pranks on their five children. Two of the children, who are not the biological children of the woman, seemed to receive the worst of the pranks. The videos often included the parents screaming and swearing at their children, accusing them of doing things they did not do and breaking their toys. Those parents are now facing child custody issues.

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